CARMA Eclipse Plug-In

CARMA Eclipse Plug-In is an Eclipse plug-in developed for supporting specification and analysis of CAS in CARMA. In this plug-in, CARMA systems are specified by using an appropriate high-level language for designers of CAS, named the CARMA Specification Language. This is mapped to the process algebra, and hence will enable qualitative and quantitive analysis of CAS during system development by enabling a design workflow and analysis pathway. The intention of this high-level language is not to add to the expressiveness of CARMA, which we believe to be well-suited to capturing the behaviour of CAS, but rather to ease the task of modelling for users who are unfamiliar with process algebra and similar formal notations.

pSpaces: Programming with Spaces

pSpaces is international collaboration project lead by the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Camerino that aims at providing a simple yet powerful support for programming distributed applications with (tuple) spaces. The current support includes libraries for mainstream languages such as Java, C#, Go, JavaScript and Swift. Different classes of tuple spaces are supported. These include standard message channels to support traditional message-passing and actor-like programming, spaces with random tuple retrieval to support probabilistic programming, and Linda-like tuple spaces alike the Java libraries Klava and jRESP.


eTAPAs is an Eclipse plug-in that provides tools for supporting specification and analysis of concurrent systems via Process Algebras. eTAPAs supports the use of process algebrae to specify and analyze concurrent systems. Systems are described as process algebras terms that are then mapped to Labelled Transition Systems (LTSs). Properties can be verified by checking equivalences between concrete and abstract system descriptions, or by model checking temporal formulae over the obtained LTS. eTAPAs does not rely on a specific process algebra. Indeed, different process specification languages can be easily integrated in eTAPAs.